Jaden Sterling was wealthy by the age of 26. But he had yet to discover the “alchemy” of true success. Now, his mission is to share this surprising secret with the world . . .

You were born with exactly the same intuition or “gut instinct” that people like Howard Schultz (Starbucks founder), Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines founder) and Jaden himself credit for their phenomenal success. It’s time for YOU to learn to trust your inner “alchemy” and take a leap of your own! Order The Alchemy of True Success today during the official launch and get valuable FREE GIFTS with it!

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Peter Adams
Boulder, Colorado


If you’re like most people, your concept of what it takes to be successful is the exact opposite of what you previously thought .

Ask entrepreneurs like Richard Branson (Virgin companies) or Howard Schultz (Starbucks) and they’ll tell you: success is about following your intuition or “gut instinct” more than special skills or knowledge. It’s about letting go rather than grasping. It’s about following your heart, not your head.

And that’s very good news for you. Because as Jaden Sterling writes in his new book The Alchemy of True Success, you were born with everything you need to live a spectacular life. The answers are already within you; all you have to do is learn the “alchemy” of success and live it!

You have an “inner compass” that will guide you unerringly along the right path if you simply use it!

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There’s gold inside of you.

In exactly the same way medieval alchemy involved turning base metals into gold, Jaden argues, you can turn the gut instincts you were born with into gold. They’re more important than an MBA, technical knowledge, “connections” or anything else people often believe are the keys to success.

The shock you will experience upon reading The Alchemy of Success will come when you realize that the secret not just to making lots of money, but to TRUE success – joy, abundance, fulfillment, the whole package – is not “out there” for you to find. It’s not at the end of a rainbow or a business education. As Jaden will teach you, you must “go within to avoid going without.” 

Are we having fun yet?

Early on in his career, Jaden himself put his nose to the grindstone in a job he didn’t really like, because it’s just what people do to “get ahead.” But what constitutes “getting ahead”? Regardless of the money he was making, this simply didn’t qualify as success. Success, real success, is FUN – and he wasn’t having any!

It wasn’t until later that he learned that real success is about following your heart, your bliss. And, he became fascinated with the almost universal misconception about wealth and happiness, and how to achieve it. How could so many people be so wrong?

“Maybe you can’t convert clay into gold with your home chemistry set, but you can do something even more powerful: you can change yourself. You can transform your everyday, ho-hum or even depressed existence into a life that’s brimming with energy and possibility. Such a power is worth even more than gold. Get ready to have FUN!”

Jaden Sterling, from The Alchemy of True Success

Later in his life, with money in the bank and living with his wife and kids in the dream resort town of Invermere, BC, Jaden took on the mission of sharing with others what he learned about true success. Today, he wants everyone to experience the abundance he has found – he feels it’s his turn to give back!

Here are some of the subjects you’ll explore – the principles that Jaden discovered are at the core of true success for everyone who has achieved it:

You are what you think.

Jaden is an enthusiastic supporter of the belief that we manifest in our lives what we think. We create our own reality. What we dream, what we envision is what we become. This is perhaps the most liberating realization in human history: that we are NOT slaves to circumstance!

And it’s not just an attitude adjustment, a way of fooling yourself into thinking the same old things that depressed you before are suddenly wonderful. Jaden’s conviction is that faith in a result actually leads to the result –in wealth, relationships or any area of life.

In the book, Jaden will share with you some of his own techniques for aligning himself with the positive vibrations that attract munificence from the universe. 

Mind, body, spirit:  don’t forget the body part!

It is unusual in a book such as this to find a section about the physical body and healthy habits, but Jaden is not alone in believing that mind, body and spirit are inseparable – and therefore you must address your physical health as part of any program of seeking true success.

Jaden is convinced that in reality, all of us and the universe itself are one, and understanding this is a critical part of the “opening up” of yourself to the world that will be part of the journey you will take with this book. However, we do inhabit individual physical bodies, and they can’t be ignored or mistreated if we are to live rich, abundant lives.

That’s why you’ll read about caring for your physical self – including the all-important pineal gland that’s the seat of your spirit.

What you’ll get from reading this book: